About CLPI



The CLPI participants are California licensed attorneys who possess an entrepreneurial interest to open a small or solo practice serving the local community including low and modest means persons (a community practice) and currently may have other work and sources of income to sustain their participation in CLPI.

Questions about the CLPI? Contact the CLPI Coordinator Hamid Yazdan Panah at hpanah@sfbar.org 

Each participant is encouraged to formulate their own personal objectives for growth and establishing their own practice. Here are a few to consider:

  • A practice that is economically viable

  • A practice that is sustainable

  • A practice that provides assistance to those in need in the community, at an affordable rate

  • A practice that allows for appropriate work/life balance

  • Utilizing the resources and networking opportunities provided by the incubator to develop short and long term goals

One of the largest challenges in solo practice is being able to make decisions and live with the consequences. We understand that this part of being solo can be hugely challenging and seek to provide you with as much support as possible with mentor support and guidance.

As a solo, we know day-to-day issues arise, whether it is an unreasonable client, malfunctioning equipment, or a misplaced document. On-call coaching by solos who have been there is also available through the CLPI to help ensure extra support when the going gets rough as a new solo.